Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed a national lockdown will be taking place in England from Thursday, November 5 until Wednesday, December 2. During this time a number of non-essential businesses will have to close. But some services deemed essential will be allowed to stay open during the lockdown.

Will post offices be open in lockdown?

During the lockdown people may still need to visit their local Post Office for a variety of reasons.

The Government’s guidance on the new lockdown states post offices can remain open.

Post offices remained open during the last lockdown, as they are defined as an essential service.

The Government guidance states: “You can leave home to buy things at shops which are permitted to open.

“For instance to buy food or medicine, or to collect any items – including food or drink – ordered through click-and-collect or as a takeaway, to obtain or deposit money (e.g. from a bank or post office), or to access critical public services.”

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People can leave their home for any medical need, so pharmacies and medical centres will stay open.

People can also leave their homes for exercise with members of their own household, or to meet one person from another household outdoors.

People can leave their home to escape harm or injury, or to care for a vulnerable person.

During the lockdown schools and universities will remain open this time.

But non-essential businesses will have to close, including non-essential retail shops.

Restaurants, bars and pubs will close, as will hairdressers and beauty salons.

Entertainment venues such as cinemas, theatres and museums, will also have to close over the four-week lockdown.

Gyms and sports centres will also have to close, as will bowling alleys and golf courses.

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