AMD’s taken the wraps off four Ryzen CPUs aimed at embedded applications, plus roles powering kit such as thin clients or mini-PCs.

The new Ryzen Embedded V2000 Series processors are all built on a 7nm process and offer the Zen 2 cores that also feature in AMD’s EPYC server CPUs.

AMD suggests mini-PCs, thin clients and kit living on the network edge as likely homes for the new silicon. The Register suggests plenty are destined for duty driving digital signage, as all four models are rated to drive a quartet of 4K displays.

Without further ado, let’s meet the silicon:

V2748 35-54W 8 / 16 2.9 GHz 4.25 GHz 7 1.6 GHz 4 MB
V2546 35-54W 6 / 12 3.0 GHz 3.95 GHz 6 1.5 GHz 3 MB
V2718 10-25W 8 / 16 1.7 GHz 4.15 GHz 7 1.6 GHz 4 MB
V2516 10-25W 6 / 12 2.1 GHz 3.95 GHz 6 1.5 GHz 3 MB

AMD has a policy of guaranteeing a decade’s availability for its embedded CPUs and says that won’t change for these new products. Given the raw grunt expressed in the specs above, the CPUs should still be well and truly useful once 2030 comes around. ®

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