Thursday night’s Love Island saw the housemates dealing with the fallout from the Headline challenge, while one unlucky-in-love Islander suddenly has become hot property.

Meanwhile, Previous solid villa partners Paige Turley and Finley Tapp, and Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman, are beginning to unravel thanks to a headline in this week’s News Splash challenge.

Elsewhere, Shaughna Phillips has decided that she does, after all, fancy Luke Mabbott – much to the confusion of the other Islanders, viewers and Luke M himself.

Her moves have caused Demi Jones to question everything – especially after Shaughna pulled her aside for a chat to let her know her feelings.

And as if that isn’t enough, thanks to another recoupling, Luke M looks set to choose between them. 

Here’s a recap of the main action…


What happened on Love Island last night?​

  •  The Islanders were left to discuss the results of the headline challenge, with cracks beginning to show between Paige and Finn
  • Paige was hurt over a headline which suggested her beau had his head turned in Casa Amor
  • He told her: “I have not done one thing in Casa Amor that I regret. Whatever I did, was respectful to you the whole time. I feel like I’ve come back here with my head held high knowing I’ve respected you and I’ve gone about things in a way that I’m proud of. My head wasn’t turned.”
  • However Paige, who has already admitted to having trust issues, hit back: “I’ve told you how I feel… The headline, in black and white… what do you want me to take from that?”


  • Siânnise was also left fuming over the challenge, in which she found out Luke T had been gossiping to the boys about their time in the hideaway
  • The Bristol beauty pulled her beau aside and told him she feels confused as to why he would reveal intimate details about their relationship
  • After Luke T defended himself by saying: “I think I talk too much”, Siânnise hit back: “That’s a personal thing to me and that’s something I would have rather had stayed between us.”
  • But the footballer wasn’t deterred by the telling off, and instead seemed to rather enjoy it
  • “I just overshared. But whenever she’s sassy I just find it really attractive,” he said in the Beach Hut. “She put her foot down and told me off a bit, which I weirdly like a lot.” 


  • Out of nowhere, Shaughna decided that she does fancy Luke M and pulled Demi aside for a chat about her feelings
  • Demi later told the Beach Hut: “I just feel like I don’t have much luck in here. I’ve just got to hope Luke does like me.”
  • Shaughna then pulled Luke aside for a chat, telling him that she “thinks” she likes him, to which a surprised Luke replied: “I didn’t expect it. Have you caught feelings?”


  • Luke M later admitted that his head was “scrambled” and said he didn’t “want to be in a triangle” again
  • Demi and Luke M then discussed the latest developments, with the Bieber lookalike telling her: “I didn’t expect it. It’s hard because you’re getting to know Jamie… she said I just thought I’d tell you before anything happens”
  • She then told him: “Me and Shaughna are really close in here. You’ve been in this villa for a really long time, why has it not been explored before? I feel like the way you will be about the situation will say a lot for me”
  • And after all that, Finn announced that a recoupling was on the way – and this time, the boys had to choose who to couple up with.
  • Who are Luke M and Jamie Clayton going to choose?


Who is coupled up with who?

  •   Paige and Finn
  • Siannise and Luke T
  • Molly and Callum
  • Priscilla and Mike
  • Jess and Ched
  • Natalia and Luke M
  • Demi is single 
  • Shaughna is single
  • Jamie is single   

How long is Love Island on for?

While ITV2 has yet to confirm the finale date, they have stated the show will run for around six weeks, like its summer version.

Love Island airs daily, apart from Saturdays, on ITV2 at 9pm. 

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