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Day 10 will see the final four quarter-final contests take place in New York, with Serena Williams keeping her quest for a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam singles title alive by coming from behind to beat surprise package Tsvetana Pironkova in three sets.

Men’s third seed Daniil Medvedev cruised past fellow Russian Andrey Rublev in straight sets, while former women’s world no1 Victoria Azarenka is due to continue her impressive comeback against Elise Mertens.

The quarter-final action concludes with a meeting between Dominic Thiem and Alex de Minaur.

Stay tuned for this evening’s tennis action, plus full coverage of the matches overnight…

Live Updates

Thiem on the conditions…

“The energy was coming back because the match was somehow going flat from both of us. It’s not easy in the empty stadium that late and we got to this amazing level where we both switched it on.”

Thiem speaks on court…

“I had a great feeling from the first moment on and my feeling was that the first set was really intense, very long rallies and also the second. It looks way easier on the scoresheet than it was and the third set, I lost a little of bit momentum, the energy. He came back late, it was a crucial game at 3-4, I saved it to 15-30 and broke him to take the third set.”


Thiem cruises into the semi-finals!

He beats de Minaur 6-1, 6-2, 6-4!

This has been a special performance from Thiem and sometimes, you just have to appreciate the brilliance.

After a testing return from de Minaur, he flicks a half-volley up the line. With three set points, he fittingly hits another stormer of a forehand down the line.

What a player. That was simply sensational.


BREAK! de Minaur 1-6 2-6 4-5 Thiem

As we head into a crucial time in this fourth set, it’s mind-boggling the difference in winners from Thiem, who has 39 to de Minaur’s 16.

And here’s why. Thiem is able to fashion a stunning backhand down the line to go 15-30 up and some more great defensive work from the Austrian catches de Minaur by surprise, who only finds the net.

Two break points and this could be fatal. After a succession of slices, de Minaur gets the weight wrong. After a brief test of his resolve, Thiem is serving for the match.

de Minaur 1-6 2-6 4-4 Thiem

This is a different match now. De Minaur has found inspiration and is fired up, hopping on the spot waiting for Thiem to serve.

He pulls off what has to be the shot of the tournament, racing to meet the cushioned volley from Thiem and turning it into a winner. Thiem gets a mighty piece of luck with the tape at 15-30 and it proves important as with a flick of the wrist lands the forehand.

Another game point goes begging for Thiem and the struggle on his serve continues. Luckily, he shows a bold range of forehands into opposite corners and keeps apace in this competitive fourth set with a tremendous ace.

de Minaur 1-6 2-6 4-3 Thiem

Having worked tirelessly to haul himself back into contention in the third set, de Minaur can’t fathom how Thiem has managed to carve out a triple break point almost instantly.

Almost in a game of chess with carefully crafted shots, Thiem’s piece is the first to fall against on that ailing backhand down the line. 

De Minaur aces to save the third break point and it’s a timely boost to his confidence, taking all five points to lead for the first time in this set. Brilliant work from the 21st seed.


BREAK! de Minaur 1-6 2-6 3-3 Thiem

This is it as far as de Minaur is concerned – he has to risk it all. And the Australian shows more ambition in forcing Thiem into an error to give him a hint of a chance of breaking at 30-30.

That hope was short-lived, though. Thiem brings back the serve and forehand winner combo to go 40-30 up, although he misses a backhand down the line to make it deuce.

Finally, a break point arrives and de Minaur must take the opportunity on Thiem’s second serve. And his patience pays off as the Austrian just can’t level the backhand above the net. We’re back on serve! 

de Minaur 1-6 2-6 2-3 Thiem

A good hold for de Minaur and as long as he’s within that one-game buffer, there is always a chance to grab a break.

But in this form, it’s Thiem’s to lose. He is dictating the play, fighting for every point and frighteningly, you feel there is another level to reach yet.

This next game will be crucial to the direction of this match, with the two-hour mark fast approaching.

de Minaur 1-6 2-6 1-3 Thiem

Thiem is imitating a heavyweight boxer out here, continuing to land heavy punches and de Minaur doesn’t have the power to match him.

The youngster is finding it all too much, bizarrely hitting his head with racket repeatedly, as Thiem clinches another straightforward hold with a 10th ace of the match.

de Minaur 1-6 2-6 1-2 Thiem

The Australian has been something of a bystander in the last half an hour or so, but he’s ready to change that.

The 21-year-old is well-versed in five setters and is not the type to throw in the towel. He halts Thiem’s run of seven straight games to hold and get himself on the board.

But so long as Thiem is hitting this consistently, this accurately, there will be no comeback.

de Minaur 1-6 2-6 0-2 Thiem

Everything he touches turns to gold right now and there is simply no defence against this display of tennis from Dominic Thiem, as de Minaur is discovering.

A crisp ace out wide seals the hold and Thiem has now won 80 per cent of his first serves. That is the level he needs to maintain in the semis and final.


BREAK! de Minaur 1-6 2-6 0-1 Thiem

A perfect start to the third set for Thiem, who gets two break points after a nasty fall for de Minaur. Thankfully, he’s OK.

But this is magical from Thiem. Wrong-footed by de Minaur’s incisive volley, he turns the backhand reach into a masterful lob and converts the break.


de Minaur 1-6 2-6 Thiem

Just too good from Thiem. Now the serve is up to scratch, de Minaur is making very little indents on his service.

With three set points, the 27-year-old sends it wide and de Minaur – rather resigned – rasps one into the net.

He’s cruising to victory now. A first semi-final at the US Open is within touching distance.

Photo: AP


BREAK! de Minaur 1-6 2-5 Thiem

Does the Australian have an issue with his shoulder? He appears to be trying to shake off a niggle and looks distracted, collapsing from 30-15 to face a break.

The frustration is almost too much to bear for de Minaur, who again makes a huge blunder on the break point with a double fault.

Thiem is now serving for the set and there is no real doubt he will get over the line.

de Minaur 1-6 2-4 Thiem

Thiem gives de Minaur a taste of his own medicine, serving and volleying to perfection in four of the six points to lock down the break.

He clinches the hold with a classy ace that clips the tramline and puts some breathing distance between himself and his younger opponent.

The Austrian is certainly playing a Grand Slam champion at the moment. Mightily efficient in his movement and devastatingly effective on the forehand.


BREAK! de Minaur 1-6 2-3 Thiem

This is mightily impressive from de Minaur, who has transformed into completely untouchable on his serve and extends his run to 11 points without dropping one. That is before Thiem lands a rocket of a forehand on the baseline to deny him a third consecutive love hold. 

Now a double fault has put him under question. Can he answer? No. He slaps one against the tape and now Thiem is eyeing the break which didn’t appear to be on the cards.

An explosion of power and some impressive movement from Thiem gives him a fourth point in a row and a break point. Disappointingly, de Minaur sends a tame second serve into the net and Thiem has the advantage.

de Minaur 1-6 2-2 Thiem

Each set in tennis is unique in its form and this one is taking a regular path compared to the first.

Thiem is starting to gather some momentum on his serve, now up to 53 per cent, and his powerful groundstrokes help him seal another hold to keep on serve.

de Minaur 1-6 2-1 Thiem

All the work tennis players do to hone their reactions pays off as de Minaur makes an incredible recovery to force Thiem into another shot and volleys against the net.

It’s another love hold for de Minaur, who has transformed his all-action play into something dominant on his own serve. Eight points without reply now – and he seals it with an ace.

de Minaur 1-6 1-1 Thiem

The sheer pace of this game is phenomenal, but de Minaur is living with it just fine and Thiem has to keep his nerve at 30-30 now.

That second serve not only has pace but so much kick that it almost strikes de Minaur in the face and he loses his balance. The 21st seed clips the line with a real whip of the forehand and we go to deuce again.

Despite a huge defence from de Minaur, Thiem goes full throttle to volley home and he knows that’s a crucial point. He shakes off the double fault to pull level with de Minaur after turning up the power on the delivery.

de Minaur 1-6 1-0 Thiem

The Australian has ditched the backwards baseball cap and that seems to have given him a new lease of energy, finding only his third winner of the match to open the set.

He then reads a lob from Thiem to smash home from the net and cracks another lovely winner up the line after Thiem dropped the ball short.

He claims a perfect hold – his first of the match – and that will do wonders to his confidence.

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