Backlash over Spain’s plan to send kids back to school

With coronavirus cases surging and less than two weeks of the school holidays left, parents, teachers and opposition politicians in Spain are angry and critical about the government’s plans for reopening classrooms.

Latest government data showed daily infections peaked at 7,609 on Friday – the highest level since late March – before dropping to 3,715 on Wednesday. However, the fall may not represent a trend as similar declines have persistently been followed by new peaks in recent weeks.

“Not a single Spanish family knows what will happen to their children when the school year starts,” said Pablo Casado, leader of the conservative opposition People’s Party, accusing Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s leftist government of keeping the country guessing.

“We cannot let a whole generation of children have their education held back because of a lack of planning,” he said.

In Spain’s decentralized political system each region is in charge of regulating the return to school, though the central government is set to present national guidelines next week.

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