housands of people have gathered on the streets of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak was first reported, to celebrate the beginning of 2021.

Much of the world is currently living under strict measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but in the Chinese city people were able to enjoy themselves as normal.

A year ago, the outbreak was reported in the Hubei province city, which then spread around the world and killed more than 1.8million people.

The city has not reported a new locally transmitted case of the disease since May 10 — after lifting one of the strictest lockdowns in the world seven months ago.

( People wearing face masks attend a New Year’s countdown in Wuhan, China / AFP via Getty Images )

And in scenes unlike the muted celebrations elsewhere in the world, Wuhan residents took to the streets to celebrate the New Year on Thursday.

Young people were seen crammed into nightclubs and many were seen gathered in front of Wuhan city hall holding balloons.

Some said they were being cautious, but weren’t particularly worried.

“Safety is the priority,” said Wuhan resident Wang Xuemei, 23, a teacher.

“It’s fine because these measures aren’t enforced very strictly,” added her friend and colleague Wang Anyu. “You can still go out.”

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