Themis Ecosystem, the Future-Oriented Unicorn, Is Ready to Rule 2024

Every extraordinary entrepreneur dreams about designing an advanced and prosperous business that would have a huge impact. They usually rely on some revolutionary idea that brings a better solution, simplifies the existing one, or brings it closer to the masses, for example, by drastically lowering the product’s price, establishing new distribution channels, and the like.

Sometimes, however, such breakthrough companies bring a completely new vision to the industry, set new guidelines, or even new standards. One such project is Themis Ecosystem from visionary and serial entrepreneur Robert Hroval.

It Started With a Small Idea About Creating Energy out of Waste

A few years ago, Hroval had an idea. He noticed that plastic recycling didn’t work and wanted to change it. He also noticed that much of the wood waste is decaying instead of being used–possibly for something with higher added value, not just firewood.

Two major projects emerged from these ideas: Project Phoenix8 and Biomass Ultima. Now, the founder had another problem. How do you put the projects under the same umbrella or band? He created Themis Ecosystem and added some other elements: digitalization of tangible products via special e-vouchers, a unique exchange where owners can trade these e-vouchers, and the community.

The circle has been closed–and a billion pounds idea was born. Themis Ecosystem allows selected companies to get in direct touch with supporters who buy e-vouchers. That way, the companies drastically shorten the procedure and put banks, VCs, and other financial institutions out of the equation.

At the same time, supporters can get involved in expanding these companies and profit from it. Also, supporters can point to the problems or opportunities and contribute their ideas. If they are excellent and timely, companies can use them.

In truth, it is way more complicated than that. But complexity didn’t stop the founder and the team from making it happen. When asked what he is about, he answered: “What we do is edge science. It is all about innovation. Nobody has ever done close to what we are building right now in Europe–and that is only the beginning. By opening our first European factory and adding new and new products to our brands, we are adding more and more value to the Themis Ecosystem. Today, with a strict focus on Project Phoenix8, Biomass Ultima, Online Industrial Exchange, and their Switzerland-based corporations, we moved the project to a whole new level.”

How the Basic Idea Grew Into a Global Story and New Brands

Since the original plans, the Themis Ecosystem has undergone four significant upgrades, pushing the boundaries of innovation, boosting the value of special e-vouchers they issued called IRMU, and shortening the time to peak performance by seven years. These transformative enhancements redefine the landscape of sustainability and technological advancement.

The engineering team upgraded the main reactor, delivering superior economic efficiency, cleaner operations, and a 30% reduction in processing costs, ensuring increased profitability and quicker capital turnover for upcoming partners.

Expanding beyond the production of core products like green electricity and organic carbon, the Themis Ecosystem has introduced two novel by-products. Organic tar, with applications in infrastructure, agriculture, cosmetics, and medicine, and wood vinegar, a game-changer in agriculture and animal husbandry, demonstrate remarkable versatility and eco-friendliness. Wood vinegar mainly serves as a natural substitute for chemical pesticides and fertilizers, supporting sustainable farming practices and enhancing crop health and livestock productivity.

A newly developed module integrates green vertical farming (GVC) into the ecosystem’s first factory, harnessing green electricity to produce high-quality vegetables. The innovative approach offers superior products and, following even higher than required environmental standards, contributes to a significant CO2 reduction. With a long-term deal secured to purchase the entire capacity, this strategy aims for exceptional profitability and reduced production costs.

The approach has turned the story on its head. In addition to the leading brands–Themis Ecosystem, Project Phoenix8, and Biomass Ultima–a new umbrella brand, John’s Organic Roots (JOR) was born. As it is linked to Themis Ecosystem, they give each other support and credibility.

One of the main advantages of having an established brand name is achieving a higher price on the market. For example, a generic product sold by an individual on a Chinese online shopping portal will fetch up to ten times less than the exact product sold under a well-known UK company’s brand.

Similarly, one ton of organic carbon is sold on the open market for as low as £600. In Germany, for instance, it sells for £1,285. Packaging this same product in a credible European brand can fetch an even higher price. “That is why all products implemented as part of Themis Ecosystem’s drivers will carry the exclusive JOR brand,” Roberto Hroval explained. “It is also easier for us to create one general brand than a specific one for each product.”

In the end, supporters also benefit from this approach. A well-known brand, increased sales success, and more products created will significantly impact the price of the special e-vouchers issued by the company. They are called IRMUs (Industrial Raw Material Unit) and are also known as iTos.

Biomass Ultima Modifications to Boost PP8 IRMU

Over the past year, the company has improved and modified the first European Biomass Ultima plant. Consequently, the technology purchasing market value increased from £6.8 million per megawatt to £8.57 million per megawatt. At the same time, ROI (return on investment) stays below three years, and robust technology lasts a minimum of twenty-five years.

In addition to several technical improvements, one of the critical upgrades was establishing a support company, AGE Lab Logistics, with its machinery, equipment, and personnel to build the new factories. Logistics is one of the significant factors in the company’s expansion, which is based on heavy machinery and a construction-intensive layout.

As the value of the Biomass Ultima project increases, so does the price for new factories. However, this gives the investors an additional advantage–they will receive a turnkey project. AGE Lab Logistics will set up the factory, including all construction work. The investor will thus not have to look for external contractors, organize the construction, and chase between different options and strategic and tactical decisions.

The higher project price and exclusivity over technology also mean an additional advantage for the IRMU owners.

In the Background, a Lot Is Going on

But there is more. When new factories are commissioned, Themis Ecosystem gains an additional financial resource. The company will not sell the factories outright but will retain a fair share. It will thus receive dividends regularly, which will have an even more positive impact on the cash flow and price of the IRMUs.

This set-up will create a solid platform for the next step, when the project, through the OIX, a raw material exchange platform, will be joined by asset management companies and the mass population, increasing the IRMUs’ trading volume. The increased volume combined with expanding projects almost always leads to higher project evaluation. And, in that case, in increasing the price of IRMUs.

On the other hand, a lot is going on behind the scenes. Alongside the official business transfer to Switzerland, Swiss companies are preparing for SBLC (Stand By Letter of Credit)-connected operations involving Biomass Ultima and Project Phoenix8.

Hroval revealed: “We have established arrangements with a partner that has been working with SBLCs for thirty years and turns over around 100 billion dollars (£85.7 billion) a year. We are working hard to seal this cooperation before we even start talking to others. This would give us the momentum to drive the price of IRMUs even higher.”