The Royal Mint, who is the Original Maker of UK coins, is releasing its largest coin ever produced. What’s more, there is only one 10kg gold coin being created. The coin being unveiled combines traditional minting techniques and innovative technology, with over 400 hours of work having gone into the coin from a team of master craftspeople, artists and engineers. 

“This coin sets a new standard for minting – combining centuries old techniques with innovative technology to create a unique and beautiful work of art. 

“It is the largest coin ever created by The Royal Mint, and is testament to the expertise, craftsmanship and skill of our team.”

Presented together on one coin, the royal guardians including, a lion, a griffin, a falcon, a yale, a greyhound, a dragon, a unicorn and a horse, surround the effigy of Her Majesty.

However, it  also comes with a hefty price tag.

Today, the Mr. Men Little Miss characters are illustrated by Roger’s son, Adam.

Speaking on the release of The Royal Mint’s new coins, Adam said: “It is an absolute honour to not only have the Mr. Men Little Miss characters’ feature on official UK commemorative coins but to have the opportunity to create the designs that feature on the coins too.

“Over the past 50 years Mr. Men Little Miss characters have grown to become a global favourite among many and I am delighted to be celebrating 50 years of fun with The Royal Mint and I hope fans of the Mr.

The three designs available to purchase features Mr Happy, Little Miss Giggles, Mr Strong and Little Miss Sunshine.

The characters are available on a commemorative £5 coin and are available in gold and silver, as well as a special colour printed ‘Brilliant Uncirculated’ edition.

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