The Latest Update on the Themis Ecosystem and Online Industrial Exchange

If you follow the latest technological and alternative energy trends, you have most likely come across the Themis Ecosystem. It’s a multi-billion titan, offering an all-in-one solution for the most pressing global problems. London Tribune has reported on it in several articles (here and here).

The philosophy of the founder Roberto Hroval is simple: to find the most potent, proven problem-solving technologies and connect them directly to the supporters. These projects, the founder calls them drivers, must meet some quite demanding requirements.

Technology must fall into one of the following categories: medicine, alternative energy, food, transportation, waste management, IT, housing, etc. It must be verified by the market and make a profit. The solution must be unique and in demand for at least several decades.

The production must be ethical and green, creating negative carbon emissions. The other requirement is huge scaling potential through issuing special e-vouchers and offering them via OIX directly to supporters.

The connecting part that allows the connection is Online Industrial Exchange or OIX.

A new trading asset: an e-voucher called Industrial Token

OIX operates similarly to raw material exchange. Because technologies create different products – and the OIX requires only one trading form – the team decided to transform all products into an electronic voucher or e-voucher. They gave it the name Industrial Token or iTo.

So, you can’t buy, for example, mega-watts of green electricity on OIX. But you can buy Industrial Tokens of the project that creates them.

But there is another benefit of buying iTos. Industrial Token consists of two portions. The first portion is a proportional part of the product the technology creates—for example, an alternative energy source. The second portion of the iTo is a proportionate part of the overall carbon dioxide reduction achieved during the process.

That way, supporters participate in CO2 reduction on a global level and also on a personal level. “You don’t need to change your lifestyle to reduce your carbon emission footprint. You can simply buy a certain amount of iTos that ‘cover’ enough CO2 to make you and your family carbon-neutral.”

One of the many innovations is the distribution and acquisition of iTos. After supporters buy Industrial Tokens, the company must allocate at least thirty percent of the profit each year for buying back their iTos.

When the project scales, new profits are attributed to the fixed amount of initially issued iTos. That way, every expansion and increased production automatically raises the price of Industrial Tokens. More extensive production brings more and more carbon emissions reduction. That value is also attributed to all iTos, which increases their price.

What is Online Industrial Exchange, and how it works

The OIX functions the same as other raw material exchanges. Sellers offer their iTos, and buyers bid on them. The higher bid wins, the seller gets the money, and the buyer receives iTos. All transactions are free of charge. They are executed without any middlemen or commissions.

That way, supporters can initially participate in high-tech, future-oriented green projects. That positions have been reserved for institutional investors, insiders, and whales. Online Industrial Exchange aims to bring top projects closer to small participants.

According to the company’s roadmap, Online Industrial Exchange will develop through three phases. So far, the company has issued one Industrial Token: PP8 iTo.

The first phase, already passed, was reserved for early supporters, mainly friends, business partners, and family. The initial price of the PP8 iTo was US $0.20 (£0.17). Today, the price exceeded ten dollars and consolidated at the US $10.02 (£8.37) level.

The second phase is about to start. OIX will open doors to larger and more prominent investors with their lists of clients.

After that, everybody can join the Themis family and buy and sell iTos on OIX.

“OIX is an innovation by itself, and we will introduce many new things that have never been done before,” said Roberto Hroval. “That’s one of the reasons why we need three phases – to make sure everything works properly, without lags and bugs.”

What is coming shortly

Hroval confirmed that the progress is quicker than the team predicted. The whole project is approximately seven years ahead in time. The major challenge is simplifying the process while still making it highly innovative and useful for everyone involved.

With such headway, daily accommodations are necessary.

In the background, special agreements and preparations are being made with customers to purchase the first larger iTos packages. “I can’t tell you more at this moment,” confided the founder, “but we are happy that our project has attracted the interest of the right people. The entire project is taking on new dimensions and is getting better and better. Discussions and coordination are underway regarding the price of iTos. We are trying to launch OIX in the shortest possible time and as efficiently as possible.”

With the arrival of larger buyers, a significant increase in the price of the PP8 iTo is also expected. According to the internal directive and strict conditions regarding the operation of OIX, the price of iTos should constantly increase. The other benefit that comes with the connection of more people and more significant customers is whole new support for the project.

Themis Ecosystem is a sophisticated, all-in-one industrial, environmental, and people ecosystem. Everyone should have a chance to support new and breakthrough industries of the future. The team’s job is to find them and offer a little person to buy them before they peak. This is a new green deal for all.

So far, the Themis Ecosystem is focused on the European market. In the future, the team also plans to expand to the American market.