Teppen Breath Of Resistance Update Out Now, World Championships Detailed

Teppen players have been dueling it out with some of Capcom’s most iconic characters in GungHo’s collectible card game, and the latest update brings more familiar faces including some from a seemingly forgotten universe.

The Breath of Resistance update–the second in a three-chapter arc called The War of the Goddess–will add a brand new mechanic called Coordination that gives cards added buffs when the designated number of allies are in play. New character cards include the Colonel from Mega Man X4, Jhen Mohran from Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter V’s Karin.

The set will also introduce characters from Red Earth, a Japan-only one-off fighting game from 1996, to Teppen. Lion warrior Leo can be seen in the key art, with cards for Tessa the witch, Mai-Ling the soldier, and the ninja Kenji also revealed in the past.

GungHo has also announced the 2022 Teppen World Championships, giving players multiple chances to compete for a nearly $10,000 prize pool. Ranked qualifiers begin in April, with seven events running between then and October. Two major tournaments based on rankings from the qualifiers will then commence, with the top players recognized during a special broadcast in December.

Breath of Resistance is the second chapter of Teppen’s War of the Goddess story arc. The first, Dragons of War, introduced Breath of Fire to the collectible card game through the story arc’s main villain, the goddess Myria.

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