Tell-tale takeaway box sign – it means you’ll ‘pay a fortune’

Food enthusiasts have taken to social media to mock a specific takeaway container they have branded a ‘curse to society’.

A user on X (formerly Twitter) shared an image of the controversial cardboard takeaway bowl, with some claiming establishments serving their food in the receptacle are more likely to charge lofty prices.

The user captioned the photo: “This bowl is a curse to society.”

Another user quoted her post and added: “If you see this bowl just know you’re about to pay £10-£15 for some mediocre meal.”

The sentiment was echoed by many in the comments, with several users simply commenting: “Facts.”

One queried: “So I should avoid this now?”, while another vented: “£15 for some ‘dirty fries’ made by a chubby man with an arm sleeve (you also have to eat them outside in the cold on a rickety wooden bench).”

One user humorously suggested the bowl was “London lunchtime core”, with other remarks including: “Wembley doing nachos for like £10” and “Northern Quarter [in Manchester] in one picture.”

Meanwhile others questioned why the food served in these containers is “that expensive.”

Despite the criticism, it’s worth noting these containers are offered as a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic bozes, and they spare restaurant staff the task of washing up – allowing them to concentrate on preparing more food and serving customers.

Another user pointed out when you order something like this there’s “no beverage included either”, but some disagreed, arguing the food can be good when served in such a container. One commented: “But if that bowl has any Jamaican cuisine, you know it’s gonna slap.”

Another person joined the conversation by posting a photo of their budget rice bowl, commenting: “Lmao I had one the other day, £6.99, actually really good.”

Meanwhile, a different user disagreed with the original post, simply stating: “I beg to differ.”

Opinions were divided among the crowd, with one individual summing up the sentiment: “It’ll either be the best meal you’ve ever had or the worst, no in between.”

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