The stern of the Ever Given has started to move away from the canal’s western bank, according to maritime traffic tracking sites Vesselfinder and myshiptracking.

The megaship “has turned but not afloat”, its owner told reporters this morning.

The partial freeing of the vessel came after intensive efforts to push and pull the ship with ten tugboats as the full moon brought spring tide, Leth Agencies said, raising the canal’s water level and hopes for a breakthrough.

The Ever Given appears to be free from the west bank, according to latest satellite images


The Panama-flagged, Japanese-owned ship that carries cargo between Asia and Europe, got stuck in a single-lane stretch of the canal on Tuesday.

Despite a massive operation authorities have been unable to remove the vessel and traffic through the canal, valued at more than nine billion US dollars (£6.5 billion) a day, has been halted. Shipments ranging from cars and laptops to livestock and oil pass through the canal every day.

Two boats, the Dutch-flagged Alp Guard and the Italian-flagged Carlo Magno, were called in to help tugboats already there. They reached the Red Sea near the city of Suez early on Sunday.

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