Steve Coogan began his career as a voice actor for the satirical puppet show Spitting Image. He then moved onto voice-overs for television actors and has brought back This Time With Alan Partridge, which is set to air tonight. How much has he earned throughout his career?

The multi-talented star also produced, co-wrote and starred in the film Philomena.

He has also been nominated for two Oscar awards, a Golden Glove and has won BAFTAs for his work. 

The actor has added to his fortune by investing in real estate.

In 2011, he purchased a mansion just outside of Brighton for a whopping £2.45million.

The 16th century Tudor home boasted a cinema room and walled gardens before it being sold seven years later. 

Three years ago, Steve purchased a home in West London, situated in the Television Centre.

The luxurious apartments range in price from £725,000 to £7.7million.

In his personal life, Steve married Caroline Hickman in 2002 before divorcing three years later. 

He has one daughter, Clare Coogan-Cole, from his four year relationship with solicitor Anna Cole.

He has also dated Courtney Love and has had various other romantic partners.

From one actor to another, how much is Hugh Grant worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hugh is worth a whopping £130million.

The actor has led films that have generated more than £2.2billion.

Hugh got his big breakout role that would make him famous with his role in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

It was the highest-grossing British film at the time and Hugh was awarded a Golden Globe for his role.

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