You have probably heard someone saying they’re on the cusp of two signs, but that can’t be true.

As of January 20, it’s Aquarius season… but the dates may have been different on another year. 

Francesca said: “There is no cusp, but magazines are always a little vague because they give you two possible dates because the dates change.”

Your Sun sign is determined by where the Sun was (which constellation it was in) at your time of birth.

It isn’t tied to the date you were born, because the Sun sometimes enters a constellation on a different date. 

Your sign therefore doesn’t change every year, but the dates do change and that determines the signs of those being born this year.

For example if you were born on August 23, you are probably a Virgo.

However on some years the Sun enters Virgo a day earlier on August 22, making some people born on August 23 Leos. 

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