adiq Khan’s top political aide was allegedly caught breaking lockdown rules after staying overnight at his parents’ home over Easter.

Jack Stenner, who earns close to £119,266-a-year as the London mayor’s director of political and public affairs, was seen leaving his parents’ home near Cheltenham to buy coffee on Good Friday.

According to The Sun, he travelled 130 miles from his flat in London to his parents’ £500,000 home in Charlton Kings last week and stayed over the weekend.

Current Covid laws ban social meetings indoors and overnight stays and millions of Britons have spent the holiday weekend away from family in a bid to adhere to lockdown measures.

Breaching Covid rules can lead to a £10,000 fine.

In January, Mr Khan urged the government to make Covid rules stricter.

He said: “I continue to call on the government to make wearing masks mandatory outdoors.

“Londoners have already made huge sacrifices, but once again I urge each and every Londoner to follow the rules. Stay at home, protect the NHS and help to save lives.”

Last night, a spokesman for Khan said he was “deeply disappointed” in Mr Stenner – but explained he has visited his parents after “a family bereavement”.

The spokesman said: “Jack briefly returned to see his family because of a family bereavement.

“Sadiq is deeply disappointed in him and has made clear that he has let down Londoners who have followed the rules and made huge sacrifices to keep others safe.”

City Hall insiders also slammed the aide for making “an absolute mockery of lockdown rules and everyone who has diligently followed them.”

The source told The Sun: “He seems to think there’s one rule for the rich and powerful and another for the plebs.

“It’s ironic that he advises a left-wing Labour mayor who supposedly believes in equality and justice for all.”

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