Roberto Hroval from Themis Ecosystem Confirmed The launch of The World’s First Antistress Capsule Asclepius8, Made for Free Public Use

Themis Ecosystem, a US$ 22 billion giant and one of the leading platforms for introducing innovative solutions to the market, is probably best known for new technologies in the field of green energy and the transformation of waste into electricity. Two technologies that are the most widely recognized are Project Phoenix8 – or PP8 – and Biomass Ultima.

One of the important branches of Themis Ecosystem is also philanthropy. Not long ago, the We4Next Movement and its charity program offered generous aid to an animal shelter which was highly appraised.

Now Roberto Hroval, the founder of Themis Ecosystem, has announced the launch of the antistress capsule known as Asclepius8. He emphasized that one of the cornerstones of the Themis Ecosystem’s philosophy has always been high social responsibility, which counterbalances the business component of the system.

Another billion-dollar corporation is about to join the Themis Ecosystem

“The negotiations with one of the leading insurance corporations, present on the European and global markets, are concluding. We are about to sign a strategic partnership agreement,” Hroval announced. He also expressed his satisfaction with many projects that are going on simultaneously. “The company has finally caught the right pace that is set before Covid-19,” he added.

The company’s priority is still the launch of the first European Project Phenix8 factory but things are moving at their own pace. “We cannot rush events,” Roberto Hroval said. “Recently, we added a vertical farming unit to PP8, as it complements the project perfectly and increases its value. But it takes place in a remote location. This means that the waste-to-energy unit and the healthy food production unit do not physically affect each other. We also solved the biggest setback of vertical farming, the enormous consumption of energy. Since we have a surplus of energy generated by Project Phoenix8, we don’t have this problem at all.”

The founder further explained that their goal is to simultaneously present both sides of the Themis Ecosystem story to the global market. On one side, mega-projects such as Project Phoenix8 and Biomass Ultima, and socially responsible projects aimed at improving living conditions and disrupting the industry on the other.

Asclepius8 is coming out with a new design

Plans for Asclepius8 date back to 2018, when the company announced the first plans. At that time, they had a different design in mind, but in recent years some progress has been made regarding materials. Therefore, the company decided to also modernize the design of the capsule.

The room will still be around 30 m2 (323 sqft) in size and will have comfortable seats for six users. They will receive a special anti-stress therapy that will last fifteen minutes. It will not require users to perform anything, just to sit down and open to a pleasant environment.

Participants will experience three specially developed stress-reducing sense stimulators: a special light effect, sound effect, and nerve stimulation via selected plant essences.

A special HRV-biofeedback device will monitor the participants’ physical and mental parameters.

The process is already verified. It has been tested for years on patients with Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease, children with intense hyperactivity and Down syndrome, usual people, and patients with stress or sleeping disorders. The health conditions of many of them were drastically improved – easy, drug-free, and with no side effects.

Dissolving stress drug-free

The task of the Asclepious8 will be to drastically reduce stressful factors and restore the mood of the user naturally. As we know, stress is the most potent silent killer. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the workplace is the main culprit of stress. A whopping 80% of Americans are stressed out at work, according to the latest survey conducted by Nielsen for Everest College.

World Health Organization (WHO) proclaimed stress as a health epidemic in the 21st century. Stress-related situations have resulted in 30-70% of disability claims. The study shows that stress at work cost the American economy more than $300 billion annually in health costs, absenteeism, and poor performance.

Unfortunately, the workplace is not the only place or situation that causes stress. Family life, current geopolitical and economic conditions, worries about health and future… Maybe we are not consciously aware of stress. But with the »help« of all daily news, we are challenged with anxiety all the time.

Getting help is not easy. People seldomly ask for help or even reveal their problems to others. If they do, it took them up to ten years before they seek help. And even then the situation is not guaranteed to get better. Drugs have negative side effects and sometimes make the situation even worse.

It starts in Q4 2022

So the Asclepius8 comes timely. “The goal is to help 260 people daily,” Roberto Hroval said.” Q4 starts with the emotional wellness month and this is our contribution to it. We will place the unit on the main street of the capital city, inform citizens about the technology and invite them to try our natural de-stress program. For free, as many times as they like.”

The founder emphasized that mental health should be our priority: “Whoever can do something about it – either for himself or others – they should do it. No questions asked.“