Ready for Serious Crypto? Zuckerberg’s Stablecoin Libra and Hroval’s Industrial Coin PP8

While the crypto communities rejoice in the next Bitcoin bull rally, something way more important is going on behind the scenes: 

The forthcoming global stablecoin could be here not only to stay, but to rule the financial world. Also, an industrial, high-end technology-based coin is coming as well. It is not the first cryptocurrency that claims to be backed-up by industry, but a huge breakthrough lies in market demand and added value. 

The PP8 project solves one of the biggest world-wide problems: ever-increasing pollution with worn out and discarded products. The technology is already functional and being verified by Bureau Veritas, the world’s leader in TIS (testing, inspection, and certification). Furthermore, the team of experts behind PP8 is solid, led by the “European Elon Musk” or rather the “present day Da Vinci or Tesla”, Roberto Hroval.

The economy has always been roughly the same in human history. When ancient Athens struck silver vein in their mines of Laurion, one of the greatest city-states came to bask in its economy, trading and most of all, its culture and military might. It became an empire in all but name.

But when the silver mines went dry, or rather, when the flux of silver diminished, wars and later the Roman Empire came to close an era. Mines represented practically a short-term return-investment.

The steadiness of income has built and dissolved plenty of empires, otherwise we could today talk different languages and most of all – live in oddly different culture.

Crypto Currency Evolution: Libra on Horizon

Even today we can agree that the crypto world is frantically searching for an economic activity that is backed with more predictable stability, even industry, and most of all, with almost limitless capacity.

This is quite a precarious search because there aren’t many possibilities to even remotely expect near limitless influx, stability and most of all lucrative investments. We are all learning the important lesson from the exploitation of nature. In other words, there are not many sustainable and profitable investments that don’t harm the ecosystem and human health.

Lately, exciting news came from Facebook, in a way that ticks all the boxes mentioned above. ​Facebook announced its own cryptocurrency, Libra​ and could potentially solidify a staggering 30% asset-backing basket in $US. Libra being a stable medium-of-exchange surely silences all the jokes about astrology backing in Facebook’s cryptocurrency name.

Plus, when there are around 2.38 billion Facebook accounts and counting, Libra suddenly appears like a mastodon that beat around the bush of how we’ll do business in the future.

The big names recognized the potential of this stablecoin as well. PayPal, Ebay, Uber, Visa, MasterCard, Vodafone… These are just the leading ones of many who want a piece of a pie.

Steve Forbes, the chairman of Forbes Media, even sent an ​open letter to Zuckerberg​. Forbes praised that “Libra has the potential to become one of the greatest inventions of all time” and “the stablecoin could possibly replace the US dollar as the leading global currency.”

As it seems, the main advantages of Libra are “borrowed reputation” from Facebook, stability, global reach, and simplicity of usage (comparing to classic cryptocurrencies).

This is the first big “behind the curtain” crypto surprise in 2019. The other one comes from the industry. Many agree that there is another level of crypto that brings literally limitless opportunities in economic and industrial stability, combined with safe investments.

We are talking about a marriage between industry and crypto, taking the best from both worlds. Well, it finally happened. One of the companies decided to go public via new kind of coin offering.

After the Big Fall of ICOs, Here Is PatentReal Company and ICPO

If Libra brings stability, broad usage and mass adoption for crypto, the PP8 coin opens completely different doors.

Roberto Hroval, founder of ​PatentReal Corporation​, decided to upgrade the crypto world to “cryptangible economy”, where cryptangible means crypto plus tangible. “Projects should be based on tangible and highly valued technologies, must be autonomous and must be in high demand,” ​explained Hroval​ as an answer to numerous fraud ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) that offered software based and impossible to be measured and verified projects.

“Imagine what it means for the whole crypto field if big strategic industries are joined,” said the founder of PatentReal Corp. “The whole image of crypto will be changed. Crypto investment stops being gambling, but wise and sane decision, going hand in hand with gold, stocks, and similar investments.

“Right now, the market capitalization of about $300 billion US is ridiculously low, compared to tangible industry. That is why we started ICPO (Industrial Coin Private Offering) – to bring additional stability and more predictability to crypto investors and to encourage other tangible industries to go crypto.”

First ICPO project was wisely selected. It is based on tangible industry and it is already functional. It is one of a kind, based on three patents-ready new technology. It solves one of the biggest worldwide problems, bringing high added value. Additionally, it is supported by modern robust technology in the high-end futuristic facility, with an almost limitless supply of raw waste material.

Also, the final products that will be produced for now – fuel, carbon black or green electricity – are of high quality and in high demand for next couple of decades.

“What would happen to crypto market if Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and other business icons participated with their main projects? We are not talking about ideas and visions but about projects that have already passed proof of concept and are backed with tangible value: real estates, lands, working plants, raw materials, final high added value products, contracts… That’s the real value of ICPOs.”

So what exactly is ICPO? Industrial Coin Private Offering will combine two so far seemingly incompatible fields: mainstream science and projects on one hand, and an unstable but evolving, decentralized crypto and blockchain market on the other.

“The evolution of the digital and mainstream is becoming more mature and even more attractive for the future by ICPO layout,” said ​Roberto Hroval​ who is certain that the best times for crypto are yet to come, “but not for gamblers. Cryptangible economy will allow very lucrative gains, but not 10x your money overnight. Remember, this is business, not poker. If you are looking for shortcuts, go to Vegas.”

Project Phoenix8 – a Plant That “Eats” Garbage to Produce Fuel

The project behind PP8 crypto coin is called Project Phoenix8 (PP8). It is a big plant where you put waste tires or scrap plastic on one side and get high quality fuel or electricity on the other. Or, if you add additional second step, you get the same product as you put in. For example, old tires in, new tires out.

The heart of a plant is new technology, called Product Reincarnation Technology™, or PRT. This is a groundbreaking process – some even call it revolutionary – that monetizes more that 98% of garbage, with low input energy needed. The economic gain is enormous.

But this is only one side of the coin. Maybe even more important fact is that PRT system answers one of the most delicate questions: What to do with ever-increasing waste?   History shows that we tried to hide it, bury it, burn it, recycle it… But none of these was a long-lasting solution, from the economic and ecological point of view.

Finally, the plant that “eats” garbage and produces sellable goods is ready to deliver. No wonder why the whole world is buzzing about PRT. Harvard University, Oxford University, University of Southern California, Academia,… and more than 2.000 other mainstream web and news portals already reported about it.

PP8 Industrial Coin Will Be Available Through Classic Crypto Exchanges 

The good news is that everyone will have the chance to participate in that investment, by buying PP8 coins.

Hroval explained: “Idea of decentralized crypto market is part of our future, and that is why this project has to be reachable to all. Our coin is entirely intended for safe and industrially supported projects. Furthermore, ICPO coins are very suitable for all industries with high added value and bright future, like: robotics, AI, pharmaceutics, waste and energy management, telecommunications, transportation… These can be completely adapted to the new era of cryptangible economy.”

Best of all worlds? Time will tell. But as it looks for now, you can’t find a much better, stable, and lucrative crypto investment than PP8.


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