Balmoral, 1960

An old family photo of the Windsors at Balmoral in 1960, shows Charles “looking rather separate”, Judi claimed.

She said: “It was quite usual to see Charles looking rather separate from the family unit in poses, even as a small boy.

“Famously seen shaking hands with his mother on her return from a tour, he appears to have retained this air of distance and physical awkwardness from a very early age.

“Here at Balmoral, we have a very strongly-bonded family group consisting of Philip, the Queen, Anne and baby Andrew, with all the attention and touch rituals focused on the Queen’s then youngest son.

“Charles is barely included in this pose, sitting at a small space from his mother whose head is turned away to focus on her other son.

“Anne appears comfortably integrated here though, taking the baby’s hand to match the rather besotted poses of her parents, but although Charles is smiling he does not appear to have taken the same sort of active steps to join the pose as his more confident-looking sister.”

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