“Sadness and isolation”

Judi said: “Diana’s padded-shouldered monochrome spotted dress and her elegant hat here reflect her growing power in the royal firm but her facial expression as she stands facing the cameras has the air of sadness and isolation that was becoming a familiar feature of her appearances.

“Philip stands behind her here and the mood of the pose seemed to suggest he was ignoring her, which might not have been totally true.

“Bonds of empathy”

Judi said: “As father-figure, a mentor with keen and cheerful royal trainee this relationship probably worked well, and as both married into the Firm at the highest levels, there might have been some bonds of empathy, too, but as Diana grew up it is doubtful the pair shared much in the way of intellectual or emotional traits.

“Diana looks keen to chat here, possibly even looking as though she is confiding but Philip looks ahead and both use gestures that suggest some degree of tension.

“Diana’s hands are clasped as two cupping gestured pressed together and the way the clasp is pulled into her ribcage above waist level suggests a desire to do or say everything right.

“Philip also looks uncharacteristically tense here, too.

“The hand he has placed in his pocket not only forms a partial barrier gesture but it’s the thumb that is in the pocket while the fingers curl as though balling into a fist.”

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