She said: “In a year of change and uncertainty we have learnt to cherish the ‘certain’ and Anne’s sense of stoicism and continuity has suddenly looked more attractive than the unreliability, self-absorption and relentless drama we have seen from some of the other top tier royals.

“Anne has emerged as a motivation presence, like her mother.”

Judi compared Anne’s dedicated approach to royal duty to that of her mother the Queen’s.

The analyst said: “Like her mother, she does royalty the old-fashioned way.”

She added: “She might be opinionated but she doesn’t push those opinions on the public and she doesn’t do self-pity, either.

“Her one raised brow and her twinkling eye expression suggests a shared sense of humour during catastrophe and her determination to not seek attention unless it is of value to her causes is the perfect answer to the narcissism of the Selfie generation.”

Anne has two children Zara Tindall, 39, and Peter Phillips. 42, both of whom she chose to raise outside the royal bubble and without titles.

According to Judi, Anne’s close relationship with her daughter Zara has also won her public favour.

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