A video of the Prince William was posted on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Twitter account this evening, in which William adopted for making the world “healthier, cleaner, smarter and better for all of us.” His talk will take place tomorrow.

“It looks as though he has had some coaching for this new style and the construction of the very short sentences where he pauses at the end of each to emphasise the full-stops means his intonation misses a couple of times in terms of sounding natural and comfortable.”

She went on: “It’s William’s facial expressions and the angles of his face that are most telling, though.

“Like many famously charismatic political leaders William uses a strongly asymmetric facial expression here.

“Like Bill Clinton in particular, William is able to produce two contrasting facial signals at the same time.

“The right side of his face is puckered with what looks like anxiety and urgency. Turned closer to the camera, his upper lip is curled up in a snarl of distress while his eyebrow is frowning, but with a steepled rise near the nose, suggesting deep concern and a sense of distress and urgency. This fits with the ‘crisis’ message he is delivering, but then the more relaxed and warmer left side of his face looks more friendly and reassuring.

“This ‘dual expression’ is a very winning trait when you’re wanting to persuade people about your cause as it provides two options, i.e. ‘This is serious but if we get this thing right everything will be ok’.”

William adopted a conversational mood for the video.

Judi said: “The visual style does work well though. Being shot as a virtual headshot with William leaning into the camera adds a dash of reassuring familiarity. The pose looks like the poses we’re currently seeing on video chats and conferences, rather than looking more remote, high-status or lecture-ish.

“It could have felt and looked like a concerned friend wanting to inspire you with his views if the words had been crafted better in terms of structure.

“William’s shoulders look wide and hunched to suggest a kind of athletic-looking power and energy and his gestures, although partly hidden, add emphasis to his words.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton sparked a fierce debate over face masks on Wednesday. 

A row kicked off as some Twitter users demanded to know why the royals weren’t wearing masks.

Some clearly felt the Duke and Duchess should have face coverings, while others furiously defended the heir to the throne and his wife.

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