YouTube’s biggest independent creator, PewDiePie, has tied the knot with entrepreneur and long-term partner Marzia Bisognin. PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, revealed on Twitter that they were officially married and shared a number of pictures to his personal Twitter account.

The pair, who were married in what appears to be a garden with a striking glass conservatory similar to Kew Gardens, was seen in the photographs laughing and smiling – surrounded by friends and the occasional YouTube star. He wrote, “We are married!!! I’m the happiest I can be. I’m so lucky to share my life with this amazing woman.” 

Kjellberg wore a monochrome black suit while Marzia opted for a cream lace gown with an unusual peplum detail. 

She also went into more detail and shared additional photographs on her Instagram account, which showed the couple kissing beneath her veil and walking out of the venue as their guests clapped and a violinist played.

She revealed that they were married “exactly 8 years since we met” and said, “It was the most beautiful day, which I will treasure forever. I am so thankful for all the people that made time to attend the event and helped us celebrate our marriage. I feel like I’m the luckiest person and I’m so full of love. Incredibly ecstatic to be able to call Felix my husband for the rest of our lives.”

The pair have talked at length in the past about how they met one another. Kjellberg and Bisognin first connected online, after Bisognin was shown Kjellberg’s videos by her best friend Daizo, and they began emailing one another – after which they eventually embarked on a long distance relationship as she was based in Italy, while he lived in Sweden. After moving in together in Sweden, then moving to Italy, they eventually settled in Brighton. 

Many of the pair’s high profile YouTube friends also weighed in on the comments. Gaming personality JackSepticEye, whose career was boosted by Kjellberg when he promoted him to his massive fanbase, wrote on Marzia’s post, “You guys looked so beautiful! A thousand congratulations.”

Filmmaker PJ Liguori, who also vlogs under KickThePJ and is regarded as one of the couple’s closest friends, wrote, “congratulazioni!!!”

Musician Roomie, who has collaborated with Kjellberg on music before, wrote, “Best wedding, best people. Love you guys.”

Kjellberg formerly ran the most subscribed to channel on YouTube under the handle PewDiePie, however, he was recently edged out of first place by Indian music channel T-Series following a ferocious rivalry. Kjellberg remains the most popular independent creator on the platform with a subscriber count of 99,518,302 at the time of publication. While he initially started as a gaming personality, he has since pivoted to YouTube commentary and now specialises in a video game named Minecraft.

Over the years, his career has seen a number of controversies, including a viral Wall Street Journal article which isolated and cut together Nazi references Kjellberg had made in his videos over the years, racist remarks that Kjellberg made on a livestream and the New Zealand Christchurch shooter referencing him at the start of his massacre. Kjellberg has since apologised for offending people with his comments and said he was “sickened” the gunman had mentioned him.

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Bisognin was formerly a popular YouTuber who vlogged under the name MarziaPie, before rebranding as Marzia. She made the difficult decision to end her YouTube channel and lifestyle blog in 2018, explaining that she felt like “a fraud” as that her mental health deteriorated to the point that she was “completely cut off from the world”. 

In her final video, she said that leaving the platform was about “needing to find my path” and continued, “For a long time, I’ve felt like I was following someone else’s, and I think it’s about time that I give myself a chance with something else.”

She now primarily focuses her efforts on Instagram and also runs a number of businesses, including a jewellery and homeware line called Mai Accents.

She also runs a unisex fashion brand called Tsuki with Kjellberg and the pair own two pugs named Maya and Edgar.

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