Customers of web hosting outfit have been left less than impressed by its handling of a data-destroying storage crash.

The France-based hosting provider on Thursday disclosed that it had lost customer data after a ZFS storage box in Luxembourg broke down and had to be replaced using a backup. Efforts to restore the data, however, failed, and there were no snapshots available to recover.

“The storage unit became unavailable, prompting an interruption in service for all PaaS and IaaS services using the disk associated with that unit,” the Gandi team said. “The data import on the emergency machine was not possible due to a corruption of the meta-data that we are not aware of the cause of.”

The biz went on to say it was conducting a full postmortem of the incident that would yield further details on what exactly went wrong. Its techies are still trying to recover the lost data, and thus far have had no luck.

While the loss of data without a viable backup is bad enough, the response of a business that bills itself as a “no bullshit” outfit is what has some customers up in arms.

Speaking to an aggrieved punter on Twitter, Gandi’s team offered the following answer.

Needless to say, punters were upset with the host’s “it could happen to anyone” defense.

“Sure, we can all make mistakes,” writes one user, “but don’t blame YOUR OWN major fuckup and not sticking to your promises to any other company!”

We couldn’t put it any better ourselves. ®

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