Researchers from The Knowledge Academy found that diarrhoea was the most commonly misspelt word with a whopping 189,000 failed Google searches. The most popular wrong spelling is ‘diarrea’ with 171,000 searches just in the last month.

Next up on the list was separate with 91,000 wrong Google searches for ‘separate’ and third was zucchini, with 58,000 people spelling it zucchini, zucchini or zucini.

The only other food word on the list that people cannot seem to get right is potato with 48,000 people in the last month searching for ‘potatoe’.

Definitely was sixth on the list with over 22,800 failed attempts to spell the word right on Google. ‘Definatly’ trumps the list of incorrect spellings (17,000) followed by ‘definitley’ (5,800).

Next on the list is embarrass, with over 15,300 attempting to spell the word as ‘embarrass’ and a whopping 12,500 wrong attempts at spelling conscience were made. There were three popular variations: ‘concience’ with 7,400 Google searches, followed by ‘consience’ (4,500) and ‘consciense’ (600).

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Bureaucracy, which although looks like the hardest word to spell on the list, placed as the 11th  most misspelt word on Google. With 3,900 wrong attempts, the researchers revealed the most popular wrongly spelt variations are “bureacracy” (3,900 Google searches), bureuacracy (50 Google searches), and buraecracy (20 Google searches).

Questionnaire, unnecessary and manoeuvre also appeared on the list.

To compile their list, the researchers used multiple articles online and gathered a list of the words commonly misspelt. All spelling variations of each word and their monthly search volumes were searched to see which words were most commonly spelt wrongly.

It comes as a series of light projections featuring the UK’s most uplifting words lit up London buildings over the weekend. The projections were to celebrate National Scrabble Day and the easing of lockdown restrictions.

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Brick Lane Market, the Royal Oak pub in Bethnal Green and locations close to Harrods and The Shard were covered in positive words such as ‘freedom’, ‘relief’ and ‘hope’.

The words were chosen following a poll of 2,000 adults to identify the UK’s favourite uplifting words, along with the words Britons most associate with lockdown easing.

A spokesman for Scrabble said: “In Scrabble – as in life – the words we choose matter. They have the power to uplift, encourage and strengthen us.

“Words connect us all, and we wanted to make this historic day of lockdown easing and the return to some semblance of normality, by discovering the most meaningful words to people today.”

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