Mumsnet row as during UK heatwave woman called lazy for not cooking

Brits are desperate to keep cool amid the sweltering 36C heat – thought to be the highest temperatures on record in the UK – and one woman decided it was too hot to spend time in the kitchen over the weekend. She went shopping for some quick ingredients to whip up a simple dinner.

But she says her partner called her “lazy”.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman said: “He thinks I’m lazy because I want easy dinners (that’s not lazy it’s good sense!)

“I think he is suicidal and his aim of cooking a roast dinner in this heat is to boil us to death in our own home.”

The husband also took down all the makeshift curtains she’d made to try and block out the heat as he said they were making it “so dark,” Mirror reports.

“I don’t understand it, we have small children and we need to be cool in here,” the mum added.

The responses to the post were mixed, with some calling the man “unreasonable”.

One other mum posted: “We have a KFC and Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Not exactly our usual Sunday roast but I ain’t cooking in this heat, he is totally unreasonable.”

Another stated: “I couldn’t eat a hot roast dinner today even if someone else cooked it. The heat from the oven would be awful too.”

Someone else admitted they were also cooking a roast today, writing: “You are not being unreasonable, having said that, I’m doing a roast today.

“My oven is going on for 45 mins later on, in which there will be a joint of beef for this evening, and for roast beef and gorgonzola salad during the week, some roasties for today, and a couple of jacket potatoes for daughter’s lunches, two sausage and apple puff pastry rolls, and a gammon, again for during the week. Basically, my oven is on today and then off for the foreseeable. And I admit, I do love my roasts!”

Forecasters say it will remain extremely hot across the UK – with the mercury rising further on Tuesday – until thunderstorms shatter the warmth.

The switch to cooler weather is forecasted to take place overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday and it could be accompanied by thundery rain in places, according to the Met Office.

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