Morrisons customers can order last minute groceries on the Deliveroo app to be delivered to their homes straight away. With many people’s Christmas plans changing and the supermarkets becoming more busy, the grocer has expanded their list of available items online.

With Christmas just being two days away and many parts of England in tough coronavirus restrictions, Morrisons is helping people across the country by delivering the most commonly forgotten festive essentials to doorsteps. 

Morrisons first announced a partnership with Deliveroo back in April to help the most vulnerable by having essential items quickly delivered to their front doors. 

They also recently added 35 Christmas favourites to their list, bringing the total number of products available to over 300.

Now, the supermarket giant has added more products to their service, with last minute essentials now available. 

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“At that point, the thought of leaving the house and heading back to the shops can add to the stress.  

“Thanks to our partnership with Deliveroo you can order those forgotten items straight to your door and get back to the festive celebrations.”

Deliveroo orders are available from 182 Morrisons stores across the UK and customers can check online to see their closest.

All orders placed through the website or the app will come with a £4.50 delivery charge as well as a 49p service fee.

The full list of products available as part of the Morrisons Deliveroo last-minute Christmas items are:


     Batteries (AA/AAA)


     Tin foil

     Cling film


     Turkey baking tray



     Custard powder

     Condensed milk

     Evaporated milk

     The Best Clementine Bucks Fizz

     The Best Prosecco / Champagne

     Bin Bags



     Roast Spuds

     Brussel Sprouts 

Morrisons stores are still open for any customers wishing to visit the supermarket before Christmas.

The supermarket hasn’t released a full opening time schedule for 2020 although last year their stores were open until 6pm on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day.

While in-store, customers should follow social distancing guidelines while wearing face coverings inside.

The food store is also managing queues whereby three customers who are carrying a basket can enter for every one person with a trolley.

This is to help those with a basket complete their shop quickly so that their time in-store is limited.

In other supermarket news, Tesco have asked shoppers not to panic buy or stockpile items because they have a good supply of products.

They implemented buying restrictions early in the pandemic which includes a three item limit on eggs, rice, soap and hand wash.

Tesco has also restricted buying toilet roll to just one pack per person.

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