ichelin-starred chefs today led calls for a “minister for hospitality” to be appointed by Boris Johnson amid fears that the restaurant, pubs and hotels sector is facing another disastrous year of slumping revenues.

It comes ahead of a debate in the Commons this afternoon on the so-called #SeatAtTheTable campaign.

Hospitality sector leaders have grown increasingly frustrated at what they see as government indifference to the plight of Britain’s third-biggest employer, which has been forcibly shut down for more than virtually any other sector through the pandemic.

Hartnett said: “Hospitality is a major economic and social force and we need proper representation in government to fight our corner.

“It’s wrong that we don’t have our own minister given the size of hospitality and how important it is in providing jobs.”

Her plea came as a report forecast that hospitality will take another heavy financial hit this year with revenues likely to be down £30 billion, or around 30 per cent, on 2019. That comes after a £47 billion hit in 2020.

The FutureFoodservice report predicts that sales will regain 93 per cent of their pre-pandemic levels in 2022 and warns that cumulative shortfall from 2020-2025 will top £130 billion.

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