A man narrowly escaped death after his car was impaled by logs from a truck in front – missing him by inches.

The driver only suffered minor injuries after he rear-ended a truck in Georgia, causing dozens of logs to smash through his windshield and force their way through to the back window. 

Whitfield County Fire chief Edward O’Brien said the man was leaning down to get something when he ran into the log truck. 

Shocking pictures of the impaled car were shared by the fire department on its Facebook page, showing the driver’s seat inches away from dozens of logs.

The man rear-ended a truck in Georgia (Whitfield County Fire)

Mr O’Brien told CNN that because the driver was not in the upright position, his head ended up in a gap between the logs. 

He said: “It was as if it was almost created just for his head.” 

Emergency services cut through 30 to 40 logs (Whitfield County Fire)

Firefighters cut through 30 to 40 logs before they could start to open the car and rescue the man. 

He was helped out of the car after about 10 minutes.

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