Malibu White Rum is a truly iconic spirit that’s a staple on the cocktail cart of anyone who fancies themselves a bit of a mixologist. The fresh, delicious rum has been made with natural coconut extract to achieve distinctly realistic flavours and contains an alcohol volume of 21 percent.

If you’ve never been lucky enough to try Malibu Rum, now is the time to indulge as it’s just had its price slashed on Amazon.

Usually retailing for £21.49, you can currently buy a bottle of Malibu Original White Rum on Amazon for £14 – that’s a discount of 35 percent that saves you £7.49.

Buy: Amazon (£14)

The best thing about this rum is it’s just as delicious over the rocks as it is in a cocktail – which keeps things simple. When you have this spirit on hand, making cocktails is also as simple as can be.

Buy: Amazon (£14)

Malibu Coconut Rum is a staple in crowd-pleasing cocktails such as the Coconut Bellini, the Blue Blu, the Coconut Woo Woo, and, of course, the Pina Colada.

Making Pina Coladas when you have this spirit on hand couldn’t be easier, Malibus recipe calls for:

50ml of Malibu

10ml of Lime Juice

75ml of Pineapple Juice

50ml of Coconut Milk

That you add into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shaking it until it’s all well mixed together, and then strain into a tall glass (we also recommend putting on some summer songs, closing your eyes and imaging your somewhere far warmer than the rainy UK).

You can buy Malibu Original White Rum while it’s still on sale on Amazon.

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