oday in the Londoner’s Diary: Chris Packham on vegan diets in a pandemic and Sophie Duker on sending lockdown nudes. Also: Holly Bourne reveals her oddest encounter Carrie Fisher and the Lords tell us they are still paying double to members who don’t work from home


( Carrie Symonds and Chris Packham / PA )

Chris Packham says he hopes the pandemic will inspire more people to try a vegan diet this January and argues the Government should encourage citizens to cut down on meat-eating.

“We can’t traffic live animals, mix them in markets where we’re mixing their pathogens and then eat them,” the naturalist, right, tells us.  

“If we hadn’t been abusing wildlife, we wouldn’t be in this position,” he claims. It was believed Covid originated at a wildlife market in China, though that is now disputed.  

Packham tells us: “Elected decision makers should be advising voters to respect the environment more. Eating less meat should be as important as cutting down carbon footprint.”  

Packham, who has been vegan since 2019, says it’s “bizarre” that eating meat is often conflated with masculinity. “It’s bullshit,” he says.

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