elcome back to the Londoner’s Diary. First up Professor Corinne Fowler tells us despite receiving threats from the far-Right after talking about the colonial past of National Trust properties, she is publishing a new book on Britain’s colonial histories. Later today Leroy Logan talks about being portrayed by John Boyega in Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series and author Marie Le Conte reflects on the most odd and outrageous MPs as she launches her second book, Honourable Misfits. In SW1A Micheal Gove addresses the latest Westminster rumours and Sajid Javid talks about he narrowly avoided a media faux-pas involving Cigarettes After Sex.

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Professor Corinne Fowler, the academic at the centre of a row over the colonial pasts of the National Trust’s properties, tells us she has been threatened by the far-Right as a result, but is still publishing a new book on Britain’s colonial histories.

Last year the National Trust announced it was to examine links between its properties and colonialism and slavery. Fowler, inset, had co-edited an interim report that informed the National Trust’s decision.

A vocal section of Tory MPs calling themselves the Common Sense Group were outraged. “I was a target of some far-Right threats over the report and so were historians of colour and some heritage professionals involved in writing it,” Fowler says, adding: “It was an intense experience, but change is never easy”.

Now Fowler, a professor of post-colonial literature, has written The Countryside, which has just gone to Allen Lane in a 12 way publisher auction. She says she hopes to “respectfully open up further aspects of British colonial history”.She added: “Having a go at historians for doing their job is a bit like shooting the messenger.”


Being played by Boyega? Surreal!

Leroy Logan

/ Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures Ltd

LEROY LOGAN says being portrayed by John Boyega in Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series was “surreal”. “How often would you have an A-list actor playing you after 30 years in the Met?” Logan asked The Londoner at yesterday’s riotous Boisdale Life Editors Lunch. He was also feeling positive about the series helping turn the mood on racism in society. “We’re at this renaissance. We need to reinvigorate ourselves, raise our game across the rainbow tribe and say we can’t be doing the same [as we did] pre-Covid”.


Burley’s back … but a little sheepish

Kay Burley

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THE best party of the summer? The US Embassy’s bash will take some beating. Before a burst of fireworks was shot from the lawn, partygoers at Winfield House enjoyed champagne and “utterly delicious” lobster rolls served from a converted VW camper van, our source reports. Among the guests was Kay Burley, making what must have been her party debut since her infamous birthday celebration broke lockdown rules last December. Afterwards she had to take a six-month break from Sky News. Last night, we hear, “she looked a little shy and sheepish, and kept to the periphery throughout”.

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