The woman believed that the Covid vaccine had been compromised by Bill and Melinda Gates and would be “dangerous” for her family, Healthwatch Central West London reported.

She told the health watchdog that she preferred “traditional cures” instead.

The mother heard about the urine “cure” in a video sent to her by a friend on WhatsApp. It told her to drink her own urine each morning.

After four days she stopped.

The revelation was published in Healthwatch’s report into coronavirus misinformation, conducted alongside the French African Welfare Association.

The report added that fake remedies and conspiracies were a problem that “needs highlighting and addressing”.

“We were told of a stigma associated with contracting coronavirus, and also of the fake remedies and conspiracies shared via WhatsApp”, the report reads.

“This, coupled with a lack of trust in “official” channels of information, presents a problem that needs highlighting and addressing.”

It came as the head of NHS England said that the country remains in battle against a “pandemic of disinformation”.

Sir Simon Stevens said progress is being made on uptake among black and south Asian communities, and he believes the involvement of local religious leaders will help build momentum in groups with concerns.

But he said the country is up against a “dual epidemic” and must fight both the virus and disinformation with “equal vigour”.

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