LifeSafe’s hero products blaze an eco trail fighting fires

As fire hazards intensify across our warming world, demand is growing for the hero products made by LifeSafe Technologies that deliver protection without pollution or corrosion as they tackle blazes from batteries to wildfires.

“Our purpose is to protect lives, property and the planet,” declares executive chairman Dominic Berger. “We don’t use harmful compounds and are fully compliant with any expected legislation that bans them. We’re in a great position to commercialise.”

Manufacturing through a UK supply chain, LifeSafe operates across consumer, commercial and industrial markets with its patented FER 1000 fluid, a mineral based, eco-friendly formulation, capable of putting out 10 types of fire.

Zoning in on the fire problems caused by lithium-ion batteries overheating – so especially relevant to the EV and marine sectors, its Thermal Runaway Fluid extinguishes and stops re-ignition, while its Pre-Trauma Fluid can be built into units and prevents fires in the first place.

Last year alone the wildfire season is estimated to have cost Europe £2.5 billion. LifeSafe’s answer is its Wildfire Pro that both puts out fires and acts as a barrier treatment so there’s no need to destroy vegetation, helping to preserve livelihoods and wildlife.

“Our fluids first cool the fire, then remove the oxygen, this is how we can prevent re-ignition,” explains Berger.

On the consumer front the Essex-based company’s hand-held and recyclable StaySafe All-in-1 portable extinguisher (£24.99) is the first of a kind.

Fighting multiple fire types, it offers an easy-to-use solution for homes, cars and holiday accommodation. “A first line of defence for consumers that removes confusion,” he adds.

Sold directly, through Amazon and home improvement stores such as Screwfix, the extinguisher is its current bestseller and has just launched in France and Germany. More territories are the pipeline while the US is the biggest customer.

Given the industry-leading array of products designed to meet worldwide challenges head-on, LifeSafe is now focussing on their global potential through new partnerships with retailers, manufacturers and fire solution brands.

Among those is a deal with Australian fire services giant Wormald, an agreement with battery systems business Xerotech and another with Reacton Fire Suppression, an automatic safety critical company in Chelmsford.

After launching in 2015 by visionary founders Dipesh Subba and Gavin Cornelius who are still with the business today, LifeSafe listed on London’s secondary market AIM (AIM:LIFS) two years ago with Dowgate Capital its biggest shareholder. 2023 revenues are forecast to be £5.9 million.

Future customers could include the military, taxi cab owners and more hospitality businesses and there’s further development to come combating wildfires.

The eight-strong team is expanding and “LifeSafe has created in excess of £4million annually in its UK business supply chain,” says Berger. “Our mission is to be a leading provider of effective and environmentally- friendly fire extinguishing fluids for engineering and service businesses globally.”




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