Kay Adams announces ‘GMFB’ exit on the show

Kay Adams is inviting you to celebrate her last day as host of NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football.”

Adams announced on the show Thursday that her last official episode will be Friday, and tweeted to “come party” with the “GMFB” crew.

“I’m excited,” Adams said Thursday on the program, adding that she’s unsure if she’ll cry on her official last day.

“It’s nostalgic for sure,” she said. “This week, we’ve been through so many studios and so many moments, and a million costume changes… It has been an awesome ride.”

The Post exclusively reported in April that Adams was leaving “GMFB,” and was a leading candidate to be the host of Amazon Prime Video’s “Thursday Night Football” pregame show. No deal was done at the time.

Adams went on to say that “it feels good” to finally announce the news of her exit from the Emmy-nominated morning show.

“I feel so proud of our show,” she said, reminiscing about the show’s debut in Aug. 2016. “To get to where it is now, this credible, reputable Emmy-nominated, should be Emmy-winning program is a really big accomplishment for the four of us.”

Adams hosts “GMFB” alongside Kyle Brandt and Peter Schrager. 

“My last @gmfb is tomorrow!” she tweeted, with a video clip announcing her departure. “End of an era. So proud. So grateful.”

Alex Riethmiller, the vice president of communications for NFL Media, told The Post at the time, “Kay has been a big part of the success of ‘Good Morning Football’ and we hope to keep her in the NFL Media family for years to come.”

During Wednesday’s “GMFB,” Adams said, “I did want to make my news of my own, and there is a lot of talk about this of course. I just wanted to invite everyone tomorrow to watch our show and celebrate my last episode. My last three hours here on ‘Good Morning Football.’

“I really want it to be a bit of a party… It’s been sourced. It’s been confirmed, and now you can put spit out the words Will [Selva] that it is my last show.”

It is unclear what is next for Adams on the hosting front, but she appeared to hint in January that she was looking for a bigger opportunity.

“It’s no secret the goal is to have the pedigree to have the big-boy seat at the table,” Adams said during an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Sirius XM, noting at the time that her contract with NFL Network was up in May.

NFL Network has not announced a replacement for Adams. The program also has not replaced Nate Burleson, who left “GMFB” last August, to join morning news show “CBS This Morning.” His co-host chair has since been filled with a rotation of guests.

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