Prince William and Kate Middelton continued their royal tour of Scotland today. After visiting the island of Orkney earlier this week, the next stop on the trip was St Andrews, a seaside town that holds a special place in the couple’s hearts.

Looking at the photos of William and Kate on the beach together, Judi said: “These poses show William and Kate in their absolute element, competing against one another in a sporting event where Kate can show off her physical equality with her husband and even get to boast a bit with raised eyebrows and a cheeky grin as she beats him round the turns.”

The body language expert claimed that the photos showed the royal couple’s “competitive” nature, but without being jealous of one another.

She said: “The couple both love throwing themselves into this type of fun and there are strong signals from their body language that William is relatively quietly delighted to be beaten into second place now and again by his wife.

“There are no signs that either of them will back down just to raise the ego of the other and the way their competitive sides look compatible with no residue of jealousy or resentment from the loser shows the strength of their relationship.”


This visit to Scotland comes at a time when the royal family has been at the centre of the national news.

Some members of the family have been reported on more than others, such as William and Harry.

Judi claimed that images of the Cambridges’ having fun while doing sports could reveal a little more about William and Harry’s past relationship.

The body language expert explained: “There is a rather poignant message here.

“When William was growing up this competitive, fun, banter-based role was fulfilled by his brother Harry.

“Both brothers loved to compete like this and their fierce rivalry also threw up the kind of smiles that suggested they were having their best fun when they did.”

Judi continued: “Kate appears to have partly breached the sad gap in William’s life now he and Harry are estranged by replicating this aspect of their dynamic and William’s suppressed smiles and open grins as he competes.

“Plus, the affectionate hand he places on Kate’s back after their ‘race’ suggests it is one tie that binds them in the way it bound the brothers when they were younger.”

For the outing on the beach, Kate dressed appropriately by wearing a navy blue Barbour jacket, a pair of skinny jeans, and sturdy boots.

The quilted Barbour coat has an orange zip and matching lining and Kate has worn it on various outdoor engagements before.

The lace-up suede ankle boots are from See by Chloe and the royal has also previously stepped out in them.

Kate kept her long brown hair off her face as she pulled it into a low ponytail.

She was also seen wearing a grey cap with white speckles.

Choosing her signature casual make-up look, Kate wore only a slick of mascara and a nude lip gloss.

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