If you’re missing Joe Wicks’ regular PE sessions from the early days of lockdown, it would seem you’re not the only one.

The Body Coach himself has admitted he has felt “lost” after ending the sessions, which saw him attempt to keep children fit when schools closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The hugely popular sessions ended in late July after 18 weeks.

Speaking on his Instagram story, Wicks, 33, revealed he had “a flat few days” after moving into a new home with his wife Rosie Jones and their two children.

Joe Wicks has admitted missing the daily PE sessions (The Body Coach via Getty Images)

However, he credited a gruelling exercise regime for making himself feel better mentally, and helping him “regain his energy and positive mindset.”

“I’m half way through my workout, I can’t explain how much better I feel emotionally and mentally,” he said.

“I’ve been having a flat few days. I was thinking about P.E. with Joe and the whole impact of what that was doing.

“I had so much purpose.

“I was driven and focused and I knew what I was doing – making people feel good. That’s when I’m at my happiest.

“Now that’s gone I feel confused and lost, but I know I’m going to regain my energy and get myself into a positive mindset.”

The whole family got involved for the final session in July (Joe Wicks)

Wicks hosted over 70 virtual PE lessons over the difficult lockdown period, garnered 80 million views in total, and raised an impressive £580,000 for the NHS in the process.

In his last ever session, he announced he was “really emotional” before his two children, Indie and Marley, joined him on the live-stream.

“It’s a sad day but I’m so proud,” Wicks said. “We’re fitter and stronger. We’re healthier and happier.

“Thank you so much for taking part. Thank you to everyone from the teaching assistants, parents, the fans, everyone that’s taken part. I’ve loved it so much and I’m going to miss you all.”

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