Joe Rogan slams NYC’s ‘bananas’ squatter policy

Joe Rogan has hit out at woke squatter policies in cities like New York that he says are “basically allowing people to steal other people’s homes.”

The podcaster was discussing recent reports of homeowners struggling to take back their houses from squatters with comedians Dave Attell and Ian Fidance on his show Saturday — noting how one woman in Queens was even arrested after she changed her locks to force them out.

Under New York law, squatters have rights to a property after living there for just 30 days.

“That is bananas,” Rogan said.

Joe Rogan hit out at New York’s woke squatter policies in his podcast on Saturday. Joe Rogan Experience/YouTube

Fidance then mentioned that squatters have taken over more than 1,000 homes in Atlanta, Ga.

“A thousand is crazy,” Rogan replied. 

“That means they know how to do it and they know the loophole — and you need to tighten that loophole up, you f–heads,” he said, apparently referring to the woke politicians.

“People are so smart, they know how to jack the system,” Fidance agreed.

“100%,” Rogan continued. “Especially criminals and fraudsters.

Rogan and his guests on Saturday’s episode spoke about how a Queens woman was arrested after she changed her locks in an effort to force squatters out of her house. ABC7
Under New York law, squatters have rights to a property after living there just 30 days. ABC7

“They know that you have to pay them to get out, and that’s what a lot [of] homeowners do. Then the problem is then another person’s just going to jump in.”

The situation then becomes increasingly costly for the homeowner, as they have to hire a lawyer and take the squatters to court, Fidance noted.

What you need to know about squatters in New York:

What are squatter’s rights in New York?

Squatters in New York state can claim a legal right to remain on a property without the owner’s permission after 10 years of living there. However, in New York City a person only needs to be on the property for 30 days to claim squatter’s rights.

Why is it so hard to get rid of a squatter?

Squatters are allowed a wide range of rights once they have established legal occupancy, making it difficult to evict them.

How does someone become a squatter?

Some of the scenarios in which a person becomes a squatter include: a tenant refusing to pay rent, a relative of a former owner refusing to leave the property or even a stranger who entered the property and never left.

According to Manhattan-based law firm Nadel & Ciarlo, squatters must have a reasonable basis for claiming the property belongs to them and must treat the home as if they were an owner — such as doing yard work or making repairs.

How can a property owner get rid of a squatter?

A property owner must first send a 10-day eviction notice and then file a court complaint if the order is ignored. If approved by a judge, the owner can get a summons and have a sheriff evict the squatter.

Why does the law provide squatters with rights?

The law was designed to help prevent long-term tenants from getting evicted. New York City’s law was partially made in response to vacant and abandoned buildings that were becoming a blight on the city.

How can property owners protect themselves from squatters?

Owners should avoid keeping any properties vacant for an extended period of time. They should also make sure the building is secure, has adequate lighting and has surveillance cameras installed.

If a squatter does appear, owners should notify the police quickly before squatter’s rights are established.

“And good luck trying to sell the place ‘cause if you’re not there in the house, then they’ll squat,” Rogan said.

The situation becomes increasingly costly for the homeowner, as they have to hire a lawyer and take the squatters to court. James Keivom

He went on to mention a recent YouTube video in which one squatter explained how he drafted a fake lease, and used the falsified document to get the utilities under his name — forcing the legal homeowner to have to take him to court.

“And it could be months and months before you even get a trial,” Rogan said.

“It’s so crazy that in the name of protecting tenants — which is important, you don’t want a shitty landlord, you want to protect tenants — but in the name of protecting tenants, you’re basically allowing people to steal people’s houses,” he lamented.

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