Jennifer Garner, queen of wholesome Instagram content, has an important message for rude people of Instagram: She is not pregnant.

Earlier this week, the actress updated us on her pets by sharing a video of her family farm. Dressed in overalls and a pair of rainboots, Garner introduced us to the family’s six cows (and gently scolded one cow who seemed to forget their manners).

But rather than focus on the livestock, one person decided to play detective and commented asking if Garner was pregnant. Garner was quick to set the record straight – and she did it much more politely than the question warranted.

“I am 48, have three healthy kids, and am not – and never will be – pregnant,” Garner wrote, adding, “We can lay that pupper to rest.”

“Have [I] gained the Covid 19,” Garner questioned as she continued. “Possibly. But that is another story,” she wrote alongside some food emojis and a laughing face.

Garner wasn’t the only person to reply to the original comment. Hundreds of fans came to Garner’s defense. “Learn some manners,” one wrote, while another noted, “Imagine thinking that’s okay to ask.”

Jennifer Garner in 2019 (Getty Images)

A few people even pointed out that they wouldn’t have been as kind as Garner with their response. “What a classy response to a rude question,” one person wrote, as another fan added, “This is why I have so much respect for you.”

Let this serve as a lesson to the Internet (and real-life rude people, too), you can stop asking women if they’re pregnant now.

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