‘Husband keeps calling young female colleague – something isn’t right’

A woman has been left worried about her husband’s blossoming friendship with a younger colleague.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous wife said while she didn’t think her husband of three years was cheating on her, she believed the relationship between her husband and his single co-worker was becoming “disrespectful”. She claimed the pair talk on the phone every day, “sometimes several times a day”, and had done throughout her pregnancy.

Their behaviour has continued following the birth of her three-month-old child and her husband doesn’t see the issue with his new bond. The woman said: “Just before we conceived our child my husband got a new female colleague.

“He works 12 hour shifts with her 2 out of the 4 shifts he does in a week. She is 23 and single. We are both in our early 30s.

“To begin with he didn’t really like this girl, called her annoying and some other not so nice things. Then as they began to work together more they became good friends. I just want to make it clear that I don’t think he is cheating with her or anything like that.

“My issue is, I think she is being a bit disrespectful and so is he. They text each other all the time, send Snapchat pictures to each other, and she calls him at least once every day. Sometime several times a day.

“He often has her on speaker so I know the chat is innocent. She will literally call just to tell him what she’s eaten for lunch that day. She did this all throughout my pregnancy and when I had just given birth.

“My partner doesn’t see the issue and just sees her as being friendly and he said it would be rude to tell her to stop as they are good friends.

“I just feel like a young single female shouldn’t be messaging and calling a married man who has just had a baby all the time. Am I being unreasonable to ask him to tell her to back off a little.”

Others were quick to chime in, claiming the woman should be concerned about her husband’s new friend. One wrote: “What makes you think he isn’t cheating or falling for this woman?”

Another added: “Yeah, it is a bit weird,” while a third chimed in: “Definitely not being unreasonable to not like this. Your husband should be prioritising you and your new baby at this point. Even if he doesn’t see the problem himself, it should be enough that it is making you uncomfortable and he should have the sense and decency to cool it off.”

However, others were not so sure. One wrote: “She doesn’t owe you any respect. Your issue is 100% with your husband. Direct you anger at him not at her.”

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