Sorting out your fridge is time-consuming when you don’t have an organised system. With lots of clutter in the fridge, it’s easy to forget what food has been left at the back uneaten. Brits waste 7 million tonnes of food every year when 5 million of this is actually edible. If you’re looking to cut back on your weekly food shop, organising your fridge is the way forward. reveals how to organise your fridge.

Clear out

The first step towards the fridge of your dreams is taking every single item out.

Get rid of anything that has expired and leave things you want to keep on the counter for the time being.

The best time to do this is before a big shop when your fridge is nearly empty.

Using a mixture of warm water and washing up liquid, you’re going to clean every single inch of the fridge.

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The easiest way to do this is to remove the drawers and shelves and place them in a sink full of this soapy water.

Wipe down every single part of the fridge and rinse it with clean water.

Once you’ve dried off the shelves, drawers, and inside of the fridge you can return them to their rightful place.

This should be done every three months, with a quick wipe down every week.

Store your dairy products towards the bottom or on the middle shelves, and put foods that don’t need cooking on the top shelf.

Fruit and veg is meant to be stored in the packaging it comes in, so slip these in to any built-in drawers.

This way they are enclosed, preventing them from rotting quickly.

Any shelves on the inside of your fridge door are for preserved foods such as condiments, jams and juice.

This is because the fridge door has the least stable temperature and is the warmest area.

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