Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for February 3


Solo efforts make good progress. Your mind is full of bright and wonderful ideas so be certain to enjoy this chance to put your creative talents to good use. Romantically, there is someone who features highly in your daydreams and in your plans for the future, too.


You’re navigating through some tricky situations. Sometimes you feel like giving up. Keep telling yourself you will get through this as in changing your attitude from negative to a positive one, you are more likely to find the solution to your problems.


A little light flirtation will add spice to what could have been a dull day. Are you single? Cupid has an arrow aimed in your direction. A neighbour who often relies on your kindness will be hoping for some advice. Don’t let them impose on you, this evening.


Someone in the family will approach you with a strange suggestion. Give this matter more thought before you respond. You won’t want to agree to something just to please other people. This would be a good time to join a spiritual development program.


Happy news is in store if you are in a long-term relationship. Are you single? Say yes when a friend insists they know someone you will be keen on and offers to play matchmaker. You aren’t likely to be disappointed.


Even if they amuse you in some way, be sure you don’t take offers made to you today, lightly. Someone is serious about the suggestions they are making. Are you single? Romance is in the air. There will be plenty of fun moments too, if you are half of a couple.


Someone will try to interfere with your intention to apply for a job. If you are unhappy in your existing employment, it is your choice to leave it even if you won’t do so until you have been offered a new position. To your surprise, a senior colleague will offer some useful support.


You aren’t sure how your family is going to take to the changes you are planning on making. You have put a lot of thought into this so it is not an impulsive decision. Now you are ready to take action and this means it is time to share your intentions with your loved ones.


It won’t be easy to keep your mind on the job if you are working. It would be better to avoid taking on anything that needs special attention because with so many other things going on around you, at the moment, it just won’t get it.


A wonderful sense of joy and light-heartedness has you in its grip. This will have something to do with a new romance or some pleasing developments in a close relationship. Faraway places hold a strong appeal as you feel you could do with a holiday.


New beginnings are forecast. Be prepared to have to make some quick decisions. All of a sudden a new world will seem to open up for you and it will be hard to ignore the adventurous thoughts that spring to your mind.


People will try to sway you and persuade you out of decisions you have already made. One thing to bear in mind is that in all important affairs, you should stick with your own intentions. Stand your ground. There is no-one who will protect your own interests as well as you.

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