amilies may be able to mix in “bubbles” at Christmas under plans for a brief relaxation of coronavirus restrictions over the festive period, according to reports.

Britons could get up to five days of loosened measures starting from December 24 under the new proposals reportedly being considered by ministers.

Government chiefs are also considering allowing families made up of up to two or three households to meet for Christmas, according to the Times.

It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he wanted to “ensure people can spend time with close family over Christmas”.

No decision has yet been made on the plans. Ministers and experts reportedly want to review the coronavirus death figures and infection numbers before any proposals are given the go-ahead.

It is understood that any relaxation of restrictions is likely to be for a “fairly limited period,” but would allow people travel to see parents or other close family.

Ministers reportedly want to make the Christmas rules standard across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove is said to have begun holding calls with Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, Mark Drakeford, first minister of Wales, and first minister of Northern Ireland Arlene Foster about the potential relaxation of Covid rules.

All sides have seen the advantage in common rules that are less likely to expose them to political attack for either “cancelling Christmas” or causing needless fatalities, the Times reported.

According to the newspaper, the period for easing of restrictions could be between two or three days. But The Sun reported the period could be longer – with people being allowed to mix for up to five days starting from Christmas Eve.

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