Hajj is one of the most important events on the Islamic calendar, as it represents the pilgrimage made by eminent Muslim prophets. All able-bodied Muslims are expected to make a journey to the holy site of Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia. Nearly two million Muslims will make the journey, providing they are financially able to do so. While there, they will perform prayer around the Kaaba, spend a day at Mount Arafat, and take part in ritual animal sacrifice.

The best quotes, messages and greetings for Hajj 2019

For most Muslim festivals, some people will greet one another with ‘Eid Mubarak’.

The Arabic term means “happy festival”, and most Muslims will use it on the festivals of Eid Al-Adha or Eid Al-Fitr.

For Hajj, some people may decide to say “Hajj Mubarak” which loosely translates to “happy Hajj”.

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Here are some messages you can send a loved one who is celebrating Hajj:

– On this Hajji, I pray that Allah will give you the courage and the ability to perform your hajj without making any sins. I wish that he will guide you along for his eternal blessings.

– The day of Arafah (second day of Hajj) is the day that Allah frees a significant number of people from eternal fire. Allah will come close and express his pride to the Angels asking what my people want.

– O Allah, please grant blessings on this special Hajj. Accept their hajj and give us a chance to perform hajji every other year. Ameen!

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These passages from the Koran may be quoted during Hajj:

– [Koran 2:125] We have rendered the shrine (the Kaba) a focal point for the people, and a safe sanctuary.

You may use Abraham’s shrine as a prayer house.

We commissioned Abraham and Ismail: “You shall purify My house for those who visit, those who live there, and those who bow and prostrate.”

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– [Quran 5:1] O you who believe, you shall fulfil your covenants.

Permitted for you to eat are the livestock, except those specifically prohibited herein.

You shall not permit hunting throughout Hajj pilgrimage.

God decrees whatever He wills.

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