Hair experts pinpoint the exact temperature to wash hair

Washing is the most basic form of care no matter the style of your locks, but it’s easy to get wrong according to experts.

Known for its prime position on Harley Street, London, the Vinci Hair Clinic specialises in hair restoration in the form of transplants.

Sharing advice on their website, the team of professionals claimed that while achieving “healthy, glossy hair” depends on many things, washing is arguably one of the most important.

They said: “In addition to the shampoo you apply and the number of times you wash your hair, the temperature of the water you use plays an essential role in preserving the strength of your hair.

“Indeed, it has an impact on your hair’s quality.”

When it comes to finding the exact temperature to wash hair, it is a one-size-fits-all approach to some extent.

The Vinchi Hair Clinic experts explained: “In general, you can wash your hair with water that is 100F or 38C (slightly warmer than your body temperature).”

This can be adjusted marginally in the summer when cooler water is preferable, but going much hotter has its disadvantages.

Hot water removes filth, grime and buildup from hair much more easily and it won’t harm your hair’s internal protein structure, but it can deplete strands of their natural oils. According to the experts, this is one of the main causes of “dry and brittle” locks.

Finishing a hot wash with a burst of cold water helps retain these natural oils, but using too much cold water also has its drawbacks.

The Vinci Clinic team said: “Cold water seals the hair cuticles and keeps your scalp clean. It also blocks your pores, making them less sensitive to debris, oil and grease.

“There are some disadvantages to cold water, too. For a start, washing with cold water can reduce hair volume. Nor does it wash your hair and scalp as well as hot water.”

Another thing to consider when washing hair is the frequency at which you do it. Though this depends largely on your specific strands, it’s important to consider how it may impact your long-term hair health.

Washing your hair too often can cause your scalp to overproduce oils, and when coupled with with boiling showers, can leave your locks at risk of turning extremely dry and frizzy once the oil has been stripped out.

For the best results, it’s best to keep things in moderation. Eva Proudman, a trichologist at Absolute Collagen previously told that people should wash their hair either every day or every other day.

When sticking to a temperature of around 38C, this should leave you on track for healthy locks that are easy to maintain.

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