Event Our annual Continuous Lifecycle London conference is online for 2020 – but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking whatsoever, and will be packed with the high-quality content you’ve come to expect.

Continuous Lifecycle Online is taking place this Thursday, July 15, and starts at 0900 BST (1000 CEST). Tickets are still on sale. Act fast: there are just days left to register.

The conference schedule is a veritable banquet of containerisation, DevOps, and compliance conversations, put together directly in response to your most pressing concerns in continuous-lifecycle management.

From deploying containers to delivery pipelines, security to compliance, and monitoring diverse setups and the architecture required to run them, no topic is too big or too specific. On top of that, a special emphasis will be placed on communicating with you – the audience – and addressing your questions and thoughts as a priority.

To deliver the day’s keynote, we’re delighted to be joined by Liz Rice, VP of open-source engineering at container security experts Aqua Security and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s technical oversight committee chair.

As a big fan of Kubernetes and security, there is little Rice couldn’t tell you about using containers across distributed systems, and with a professional background in architecting portable network stack implementations, and coding those implementations cleanly, Liz’s session promises to start the day with a bang.

Look forward also to a scintillating case study from Luke Blaney, principal engineer at the Financial Times. Blaney will explain how the newspaper’s reliability team was tasked with improving operational resilience across the FT, as well as reducing duplication of technology effort generally throughout the entire organisation.

Meanwhile, Skyscanner’s principal engineer Nicky Wrightson will explain how the company has ditched “low,” non-production environments in favour of only running bona-fide production environments. This means that development, testing, staging, pre-production, and other traditionally non-prod areas now form part of more distributed, complex, and larger systems to move things along quicker. But how does Skyscanner maintain quality and confidence while working in such an ambitiously fluid environment?

To answer this question – and many more besides – you’ll have to tune into Continuous Lifecycle Online, bright and early on July 15. Tickets are only £120 – get yours now and we’ll see you on Thursday.

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