Every Full Moon brings up topics to think about or problems to overcome in your life.

The Aquarius Moon is all about authenticity, Kirsty explained

She asked: “Do you know who you truly are? Do you know what you truly want? Are you able to feel, hear and know what is true for you? If the answer to this is no, that’s okay.

“We live in a society that does not necessarily encourage any of this.

“But this Full Moon needs you to come back to the power of your true soul expression, the part of you who sent you here at this time.

“It’s time to uncover some of the layers. It’s time to get beneath the expectations that have been placed on you by society, family and even your own stories of what is possible for you.

“Do you remember who you were before society told you who to be? Who would you be if there were no societal norms or expectations that weighed heavy on your shoulders?

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid of the opinions of judgements of others?

“How many times have you compromised who you are or what you want in order to fit, be accepted in or keep the peace? Whose life are you actually living?”

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