Brut, a Paris-based digital video producer that helped turn Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg into a worldwide sensation, has just scored a $40 million round of funding that will be used for its US expansion.

The funding round is being led by Red River West and Blisce. Tech media dealmakers Aryeh Bourkoff and Eric Zinterhofer are in the new round, which follows a series A round that raised $11 million.

In August, Brut founder Guillaume Lacroix said the site’s socially conscious videos attracted 232 million Facebook views in the US. Thunberg’s video in December drew 9.8 million views in a single day.

Lacroix says he aims to create short videos that “spark conversations” on politics, the environment and other important issues as he reaches into 60 countries.

Lacroix predicts he will pull in $30 million in revenue next year, but concedes he’s two years away from overall profitability.

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