Elvis Graceland upstairs: ‘I accidentally phoned sleeping King in bed – almost wet myself’ | Music | Entertainment

When Elvis Presley purchased Graceland in 1957, he had a security wall with one-way mirrors installed on the first-floor landing. The mansion remained an open house for his Memphis Mafia, but they had to be personally invited up into his private bedroom. Now in a new video, his cousin Billy Smith’s son Danny, who grew up at the famous home, has shared how as a child he accidentally phoned Elvis’ bedside intercom when the star was sleeping.

Appearing on his Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, he said: “We used to play around in our rooms and stuff.”

Danny, who was Lisa Marie’s playmate, shared how he wanted their pretend games to be as realistic as possible.

He continued: “So I had picked up the intercom like I was Elvis and I was going to order something from downstairs.

“And I actually messed up and hit the damn button and the number that I hit was actually showed…as Elvis’ bedroom.”

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The terrified Danny said: “Let’s just say I almost went to the damn bathroom on myself!”

After hanging up, he shared it was like: “Oh my god, I hope the intercom don’t ring to Mom and Daddy that I woke him up or something playing.”

Asked if he had in fact woken Elvis up, Danny said with relief: “No, never heard anything about it, thank goodness!”

Fans will know he certainly could have disturbed The King because the star slept all day and lived through the night.

One ritual Elvis invited his Memphis Mafia inner circle to take part in involved a nightly protection chant.

Jo said: “It would usually be [The King’s girlfriend] Linda [Thompson], Elvis, Billy and me and we would wind up in the middle of his bed in a circle. We’d hold hands and we did all kinds of things.

“I remember one time everybody had to cover their eyes and then had to describe what we were seeing at that moment, what was going on in our mind and then he analysed it.”

When it came to the chant before calling it a night, the four would all hold hands together on the bed. The words led by Elvis would be: “Christ love, Christ life, Christ peace.”

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