Elden Ring: Where To Get Ambush Shard

While you may typically want to use Elden Ring‘s strong spells to pummel your enemies with a full-on frontal assault, there can be some niche uses for having a bit of trickery up your sleeve, too. The sorcery Ambush Shard can help you be a clever magic user who spawns spells behind your opponents, and you can read on to find out exactly where you can find it so that you can try it out for yourself.

Ambush Shard explained

Ambush Shard is a sorcery that requires 23 Intelligence to cast. It summons a projectile behind your enemies, which will fire on them after a brief delay. This makes it a useful but low-damage spell for use in PVP or against enemies with shields.

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Ambush Shard’s item description reads:

One of the night sorceries of Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Launches a projectile from a distance removed from the caster, so as to strike the enemy from behind. This sorcery can be cast repeatedly. The Sellian sorcerers were assassins, and it is said that they often hunted their fellows.

Where to find Ambush Shard

Ambush Shard can be obtained inside Witchbane Ruins in Weeping Peninsula. This location is easily accessible quite early in the game by heading to the far south portion of Limgrave and taking the bridge into Weeping Peninsula. Afterward, simply head to the western portion of the biome until you come across the Witchbane Ruins.

Witchbane Ruins

While exploring the Witchbane Ruins, you’ll find a flight of stairs leading down into an underground jail. On a corpse inside is Ambush Shard. You’ll also want to remember this location, as you’ll need to return here later if you opt to take on the Sorceress Sellen questline.

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