Alice Beer is a TV presenter and journalist, well-known for appearing on BBC One investigative journalism programme Watchdog. She regularly appears on ITV’s This Morning as an expert on various consumer products, and more.

“Same eggs in Tesco – £19.50,” Alice continued.

“Same eggs in Asda – £16.45.”

Alice showed viewers the chocolate eggs, all with a sticker with the above prices stuck onto them.

Lastly, she picked up a golden chocolate rabbit with the figure ‘£8.61’ on it.

Specifically, they were the Galaxy All About Indulgence Easter Egg, the Maltesers Medium Easter Egg, the Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Egg, the Cadbury Crunchie Giant Easter Egg, and the Cadbury Dairy Milk With Oreo Easter Egg.

On its website, Which? said that its team of experts also went to Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Ocado to buy the five eggs.

The total price of the eggs came to £17.58 in Morrisons, £23 in Sainsbury’s, and £21.64 from Ocado.

Aldi and Lidl weren’t included in the research as they sell a smaller range of branded items, according to Which?.

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